Brussels: Europe’s Next Fashion Capital?

June 10th, 2010

Ah, Europe. Full of history, great chocolate, and world renowned fashion capitals like London, Paris, Milan, Brussels…Brussels? Really? Yep. The same Belgian-chocolate-and-beer Brussels. It may not appear so from afar, but Brussels has established itself as one of Europe’s top destinations for unique and innovative fashion.

The Belgian capital boasts a host of designers from various parts of the world who are using their creations to express their unique perspectives of fashion, femininity, and how it all blends together. Even though you may not have access to these designs yet, there’s no stopping you from being inspired by them and adapting them for yourself.

Designer Yves Dooms has been dressing up Belgium’s elite for years with clothes that highlight femininity and luxury. This pale blue suit, for example, embodies his philosophy of showing off the woman’s silhouette, rather than tons of skin:

The gorgeous and perfectly tailored full skirt below is yet another embodiment of Dooms’ philosophy. The model’s cleavage isn’t falling out of her top, nor can we see up her skirt. But it’s clear that she’s all woman and has a killer figure which is hinted at by the great fit of the skirt around her waist.

Takeaways for you? You wardrobe should include a few key pieces that perfectly highlight one great feature of your body. Your clothes should leave ’em wanting more and wondering what lies underneath.

Similar to Yves Dooms, the duo at Sandrina Fasoli designs trendy outfits that emphasize femininity, but on a more subtle level. Their collections use very muted and understated colors to create soft silhouettes that seem to have been inspired by the 1920s and the world of lingerie.

Whether it’s tops, dresses, or pants, these designers use satin fabric in many cases to create their signature soft silhouettes:

Takeaways for you? Understated can still be very feminine and slimming because it creates a clean, streamlined look that is chic and classy. If you usually wear fitted t-shirts, try buying a soft, flowy one or even layering a couple of lighter ones. Once or twice a week trying switching up your skinny jeans for a pair of wide-leg trousers. Next time you buy a dress, go for one that is made with soft satin (or another soft, synthetic fabric). Enjoy how luxurious and feminine you feel having such delicate fabric against your skin.

For a burst of color and vavavoom style, nothing beats Louise Assomo’s creations. This designer, who hails from the West African country of Cameroon, takes inspiration from the intensely colorful designs of her native country and the curvaceous bodies of the native women (her sizes don’t go below size 6). Her creations have been hailed around the world, and earned her prizes from various fashion bodies. It’s no wonder her creations are available in Beirut, Israel, Paris, and countless other international cities (including Brussels, of course).

Here are a few examples of what the world is clamoring for:

Takeaways for you? Make a bold statement with the color choices and the cut of your clothes. Choose a winter coat in a deep color like the blue coat above to counter the dreary weather (and the often dreary cold-weather color choices). If you’ve got curves, don’t hide them in a black dress all the time. Get a flirty red dress with an empire waist and wow the crowd of onlookers. Dress up a pair of shorts with a frilly, colorful top like the yellow one above.