Eva Green Daring Yet Stylish Looks

June 10th, 2010

French actress Eva Green made a name for herself early in her career by appearing in fairly controversial and sexually explicit films. She then hit it big as a Bond girl and the world took notice. Now this established screen siren gets attention for her acting skills and her willingness to experiment with her style.

Two of Eva’s signature looks are dark, smoky eyes and intensely bright red lips:

These are two strong looks that most of us don’t dare pair together. But ever the fashion risk-taker, Eva does on occasion pair the two together to stunningly beautiful results:

To duplicate her red lips, follow these pointers:

  • If you have warm (olive) undertones, go for a tomato red color
  • If you’re on the paler side (blue undertones) go for a raspberry red
  • If you’re dark skinned, then a deep, wine-colored red will suit you best
  • Once you’ve selected the right shade for your skin, get a matching lip liner which you’ll use to trace around your lips, preventing the lipstick from bleeding onto your skin

To duplicate Eva’s smoky eyes use a midnight black or dark grey eye shadow:

  • On the upper lash line draw two lines – the first line should be very close to the lash line and the second line should lie just on top of the first (use the first a guide)
  • Make sure to extend both lines past the outer corner of the eye so that it tapers at the end.
  • Smudge both lines so they blend together
  • Apply two to three coats of mascara to the upper lashes and you’re done.

With her bold makeup choices, it probably won’t come as a surprise to know that Eva is willing to push the limits with her clothing choices, at times looking very conservative and at other times looking like an exotic creature ready to hypnotize (or attack) us all with her fierce power.

One of Eva’s most talked about outfits is this open back, slinky red number. Her decision to wear a very big and messy, side updo with this dress, however, is what sets her apart. Rather than go with the predictable, her choice of a funky hairdo and strong makeup gives her a very untamed and sexy look. In addition, her hair has red undertones that match her dress, but not so much that the two clash.

On the flip side, she is also very capable of picking a muted dress like this one which envelopes her like a delicate flower. Notice that she tones down her lips and hair for this outfit, but not the eyes. She still gives off a mysterious vibe thanks to the dark, piercing eyes, which are a great contrast to this very sweet and ultra feminine dress.

With her penchant for the dark and mysterious look, it’s rare that she’s caught with a more natural look. However, when she does dare to go in that direction, she’s still as stunning, if not more: